( Through: General Manager, Dist. Industries Centre)

The Vice-Chairman,
Kakatiya Urban Development Authority,


I hereby give notice that I intend to carry out development in the site to erect / to re-erect demolish /  renewal / extension / addition / change of use in the building ___________________________________________on / in plot No.____________ Land, Town and Survey No.____________________ Block No.___________________ situated at road / street______________ town / village _________________.

I forward herewith the following plans and statement (item 1 to 10) whatever is applicable, in quadruplicate signed by me (Name in block letters) _____________________________ and the Licenced______________ Licence No.__________________ who has prepared the plans, designs along with copies of the statements / documents.

1. Top plan to a radius of 100 m.

2. Site plan.

3. Sub-division / Layout plan.

4. Building plan.

5. Service plan.

6. Parking arrangements.

7. Particulars of development.

a. Horse Power.
b. Product Mix.
c. Nature of Industry – Small scale – Gramodaya Scheme.
d. Other operation details whether it is pollutant heavy industry.

8. N.O.C. from Air & Water Pollution Board, if it is a pollutant and hazardous industry.

9. Ownership title.

10. Urban Land Ceiling Clearance certificate from Competent Authority.

11. Draft drawn in favour of Vice Chairman, KUDA towards Development Charges / Building Licence fee for Rs.__________________.

I request that the proposed development / construction / extension may be approved and permission accorded to me to execute the work.

Signature of Licenced           
Surveyor / Engineer / Architect with stamp.

Signature of Owners.


Name of Owner.


Address of Owner.


The Vice-Chairman,
Kakatiya Urban Development Authority,


I/We of layout ________________________________intend to /sub-divide my/our land or portions of the same bearing S.No. __________________ and having an extent _____________ sq. metres / hec / in ______________ Street _________________ Division _______________ ward _______________ Town / Village. (to be deleted wherever necessary)

I/We forward herewith the following particulars :


The site plan in quadruplicate in a scale of not less than 1:1,000 showing the topographic details of the land and the sanctioned layout if any, within a distance of 100 metres around the existing roads in and around the site, buildings, huts, open spaces, natural water courses, big trees and permanent  features which can not be disturbed normally and other developments, if any that have taken place and the streets and roads that give access to the site and connect them with any existing public or private street or road.


The detailed plan of the site under reference drawn to a scale of not less than 1:500 drawn in triplicate signed by the Licenced Architect Engineer / Surveyor and owner of the land furnishing the following particulars.



A true copy of the ownership title deed indicating the boundaries of the site attested by the Gazetted Officer or any other Officer authorised by the authority in his behalf shall be enclosed.


Urban Land Ceiling clearance certificate obtained from the Competent Authority and Special Officer U.L.C. warangal or Agricultural land ceiling Certificate from the Mandal Revenue Officer /Revenue Divisional Officer.


Certified copies of F.M.B sketches with ladders and certified copies of 10 (1) and VA No.2 Adangals.


A certificate from M.R.O to the effect that the lands proposed do not come under Govt. lands or D. Patta lands.


Alignment of the proposed streets.


The proposed width of streets.


The proposed building lines.


The proposed sizes of individual building plots, number of plots required, open spaces for parks, play grounds and other community purposes, such as schools and shops. The applicant shall also furnish a statement or arrangement made for providing approaches from the existing public or private streets, for levelling metalling, asphalting the proposed roads, conservancy, drainage arrangement, street lighting and plantation of avenue trees, indicating the work which he undertakes to carry out and the remaining which he wants to be carried out at his expenses by  the authorities.


Electric lines (high tension or low tension) water mains and such as sewers if any, telephone and telegraph line etc., alignment of National & State Highways, major and minor District roads, Zilla Parishad roads, Panchayat roads passing through land and within the distance of a thousand metres.


Spot levels at intervals of 15 metres for whole areas under reference and also along the existing road from which access is sought to be length of at least 100 metres.

I herewith remit Rs.__________________ by Demand Draft drawn in favour of Vice-Chairman, K.U.D.A towards the Development Charges, Licence fees etc.,

Note: Development charges are to be paid at the rate prescribed in G.O. Ms.No.51 M.A., dated 5-2-96.

I/We, jointly and severally agree to develop the roads to the required standards as per the specification prescribed by the KUDA and to provide water supply, drainage facilities and also light the area and to carry out all the arrangements to the satisfaction of the authority.

I/We, hereby undertake not to utilise, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the land as sites for the construction of residential or non-residential buildings until all the amenities are provided as indicated in the conditions of the layout.

I/We, undertake to handover to the KUDA/Local Authority the private streets or roads after developing them to the prescribed standards and along with the land set-apart for parks and play grounds, educational institutions or for any other public purpose earmarked in the layout.

I/We, request that the proposed layout may be approved and the permission may be accorded at an early date to enable me/us to proceed with the disposal of lands after the execution of the work as agreed to.

Signature of Licenced:

Signature of owner (s):


Surveyor / Architect:








Encl: As stated above.