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Khush Mahal, WARANGAL

This structure, said to be built over the site of a Kakatiya palace, may have been used as an audience hall by Shitab Khan, the 16th century Qutb Shahi governor of Warangal. However it was probably built during the 14th century Tughlak occupation of the fort, the only building from that period. Its sharply sloping walls are a typical feature of Tughlak architecture. The longer east and west walls of the building have a projecting parapet and six high arches framed by narrow rectangles. These admit light to the interior. A wide entrance arch on the north wall leads to a single spacious schamber inside with small storage rooms on each side. Transverse arches span the high ceiling. Broken fragments from the Svayambhu enclosure and Jain temples are placed inside the hall and near the north entrance.