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In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-sections (1) and (3) of section 3 of  the Telangana Urban Areas (Development) Act, 1975 the Government have appointed Sri SANGAMREDDY SUNDER RAJ YADAV, as Chairman of the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority until further orders vide G.O.Ms.No.250 M.A. & UD (M2 ) Department dt.10-10-2016 with the following members.

  1. Sri SANGAMREDDY SUNDER RAJ YADAV           …             Chairman
  2. Vice-Chairman,         KUDA, Warangal                    …             Member
  3. Commissioner, Warangal Municipal Corporation,    …             Member
  4. Director of Town & Country Planning or his nominee …         Member
  5. Additional  Secretary to Government,
    Finance Department or his nominee.                                                …             Member

As per the Act, the Vice-Chairman has to be appointed by the Government who shall be whole-time Chief Executive of the Authority and shall carry-out the day-to-day functions of the authority.  For achieving the objectives as prescribed under the Act the office has the following Wings:-
1.    Planning Wing                            (headed by Planning officer under control of V.C.)
2.     Engineering wing                     (headed by Executive Engineer,                 -do-     
3.     Administration Wing              (headed by Secretary                      -do-

  1. Accounts Wing                          (headed by Accounts Officer                        -do-


The object of the authority is to promote and secure orderly development of all or any of the areas comprised in the development area concerned according to Plan and for that purpose, the Authority shall have the powers to acquire, by way of purchase or otherwise, hold, manage, plan, develop and mortgage or otherwise dispose of land and other property, to carry out by or on its behalf building, engineering, mining and other operations, to execute works in connection with Housing Schemes particularly for Weaker Section, formation of bye-pass roads, new roads, widening of roads as proposed in the Master Plan, Junction Improvements, Sites and Services Programme, Disposal of sewage and control of pollution, other services and amenities and to do anything necessary or expedient for the  purposes incidental thereof.
As laid down in the Telangana Urban Areas (Development) Act, 1975 the main functions of the authority are:

  1. to promote and  secure  development of  areas constituted  in  the development

         area according to Master Plan and Zonal Development Plans.

  1. to  control  the  use of lands  for various purposes,  acquisition, developmental

        works such as roads,  buildings,  and  other schemes  within  the  development
area so as to provide infrastructure facilities to the areas that are available with
KUDA and also by   co-ordination and regulating the activities of various
agencies of   the State and Central Government  and  other   Local Authorities.


The jurisdiction of the authority which is called the development area comprises Warangal Corporation limits and 181 villages.  The jurisdiction of Kakatiya Urban Development Authority has an area of 1805.00 Sq. Kms and has a population of 13.00 lakhs as per 2011 Census.                                           

  1. Planning Wing:-

                The Planning Wing of the Authority attends to the works of preparation of layouts, development approvals, R.D. Plans and Junction Improvement Plan, Zonal Plans for the development of the area, Master Plan variation maps etc., The Planning Officer is the head of the wing of Planning Wing under control of Vice-Chairman.  

  1. Engineering  Wing:-

                Engineering Wing shall carry-out developmental works such as roads, buildings, Water supply, Sewerage and other schemes in the lay-outs promoted by the authority and also take up developmental works.  The avenue plantation, development of parks and maintenance of the Nurseries is also present under control of the Executive Engineer.  Horticulture works are being supervised by Horticulture Officer.  The Executive Engineer is the head of the Engineering Wing under control of Vice-Chairman.

Administration Wing:-

                This Wing attends to the work of administration of the authority and conducts the meeting of the authority and also co-ordinates the other Wings of this authority.  This Wing is headed by Secretary  under control of the Vice-Chairman.

  1. Accounts Wing:-

                This Wing attends to the work of financial matters, Budget of the Authority and preparation of the Accounts with Chartered Accountant on commercial lines which is to be audited by the Accountant General, AP Hyderabad, presently and the Accounts Officer is head of the Accounts Wing under control of Vice-Chairman.